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Optimal tools

IT4Freedom installs and configures all your tools. We give you a selection of sharing and collaborative software to improve your work: file synchronization, email, instant messaging, phone, management software, etc. And if we talk about your ideal organization ?

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Your company management tool

Why don’t try Dolibarr in our pre-installed package ? This ERP manages invoices, your customers, your projects, your stocks and all your company need !

Your email system

IT4Freedom manages your messages with Kopano. You have a web interface and synchronization of your emails, contacts and calendars with all your traditional software.

Your synchronized documents

Your Nextcloud space, with Kopano integration, gives you the ability to share and synchronize all your documents into your devices. You can also send securely files to your customers or to your providers.

Some addons improve features, like old documentary.

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Instant messenging

IT4Freedom installs instant messaging with XMPP or Matrix depending of your needs. These opensource tools implements differently your internal communication. Encrypted protocols and hosting on your servers improve privacy of your manufacturing secrets.

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Your social network

Why don’t add an internal social network ? Mastodon and Diaspora can serve you for all your extra-professional stuff, a great wellness tool !

Modern telephony

IT4Freedom uses phone over IP from a long time. You’ll be surprised with an affordable phoning central. We invoice only hardware and services and we advice you on best plans to keep your budget.

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Get a simple, installation-free solution for videoconferencing with a self-hosted Jitsi instance. Never organizing a meeting has been so simple !

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And if you document your processes ?

Who didn’t feel bad with a weak documentation ? Improve productivity of new employees, manage answers of your most difficult or most frequent questions and keep trace of your decisions.

IT4Freedom can install your own wiki (we offer MediaWiki and DokuWiki depending of your needs) or some more complex documentation managing systems.

And all other tools

IT4Freedom helps you whatever your activity is and whatever tools you use.

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