Servers for your data

Serverless applications sound great, but why do you give your company to others ? Have your server and keep control on your data, know who uses them and manage them in future. Discover our maintaining and managing services.

Une ferme de serveurs dessert des données à différents périphériques.

Installation and configuration

IT4Freedom assure l’installation et la configuration complète de vos serveurs et fermes de serveurs. Nous proposons des offres pour :

  • self-hosting with a server in your location ;

  • servers in datacenter;

  • and mutual hosting !

IT4Freedom automates as possible server installation, and can replicates easily.


We maintain your servers day by day and for extraordinary works. You have a constant up to date system with monitoring of major breaches.

Our system checks constantly all parameters of your servers and informs us of failures. We can manage it much earlier. Our probes can be adapted to your projects.

Un téléphone indique la bonne santé des serveurs en arrière-plan.


Of course, we manage backups in all our infrastructures with a particular attention. All your data are replicated until you synchronized your files into your servers.

IT4Freedom makes you resilient and prepared for all !

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