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You want to take advantage of our services ? You have a question ? You need help ? Here is the place !

Un homme prépare une lettre.

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Serverless applications sound great, but why do you give your company to others ? Have your server and keep control on your data, know who uses them and manage them in future. Discover our maintaining and managing services.

Une ferme de serveurs dessert des données à différents périphériques.

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A bad connection of one workstation and all the team feels frustration. IT4Freedom installs and configures optimal technologies for your situation: wires, WiFi, and others.

Un petit personnage rond a coupé un câble entre un ordinateur et un serveur.

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Take the flexibility of the cloud but keep your independency ! Virtualization confers you a good work of your services without hardware dependency. Need more power ? Upgrade your infrastructure without effort. A hardware failure ? Transfer your production tool in a snap.

Des pages web avec une coche verte virevoltent autour d'un anneau central de serveurs.

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Your success relies on technologies. IT4Freedom answer you to all your questions and helps you to implement your projects. Independency of IT4Freedom and the service-based economic model assures you optimum solutions for your budget and your needs.

Un homme se tient fièrement assis sur son bureau.

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Discover how to organize your work in our modern era! Today, we work at home and at office. IT4Freedom helps you to configure your workstations and to integrate them into your network.

Un homme à son bureau se tourne vers la caméra.

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Web services

IT4Freedom supports you in the hosting of your web projects: websites, communication tools, surveys, and others. We maintain your infrastructure day by day.

Deux personnes se félicitent d'une page web affichée sur un ordinateur portable.

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IT4Freedom installs and configures all your tools. We give you a selection of sharing and collaborative software to improve your work: file synchronization, email, instant messaging, phone, management software, etc. And if we talk about your ideal organization ?

Une femme travaille sur son ordinateur tout en prenant des notes.

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